Tech Info

Dear Singers
I am so happy that we are ready to start our virtual rehearsals! I am looking forward to a very rewarding, albeit different, choir experience. As you know from my previous email our music and rehearsal recordings are now available at The password to the members area is “fall2020” (I was very careful this time). There you can download PDFs and rehearsal recordings for your section and get started now. Or…you can begin work with the rest of us on September 8.šŸ™‚
Some of us may be worried about the technical aspect of this adventure, but I assure you that everyone is capable of participating in one way or another with a little bit of work.
There are three levels of participation in the Siskiyou Singers Virtual Experience this term:
  1. Full Participation: You will be able to contribute your voice to our final virtual performance and you will be able to lend your voice to our rehearsal in real time on Tuesday nights.
  2. Partial Participation: You will be able to contribute to our final performance and be a part of rehearsals, but your voice will not be heard on rehearsal night.
  3. Performance Contribution: If your internet connection is difficult, in whatever sense, you can still contribute to the final performance. A thorough reading of each weeks’ notes and home practice will enable you to submit your own performance recording. If you are in this category, I can give you extra help!
Here is the stuff you need for Full Participation. If you don’t have all of these things you can still be a part of Siskiyou Singers, but without the full experience.
  • INTERNET: Access to the internet. If you are reading this, you have that. (unless you received a printed copy from a friend) šŸ™‚
  • COMPUTER: A Windows, Mac, or Linux computer (laptop or desktop). If you don’t know what a Linux computer is, you don’t have it.
  • CABLE: You probably also need an ethernet cable. You may already have it if you will be using a desktop computer. That is the cable that connects to your wifi hub or your modem.
  • HEADPHONES: In most cases, the earbuds that come with your phone work. If you have something better, you are the lucky one!
  • MICROPHONE: If you are using any late model laptop you have one built in. Again, something better makes things better for you. If you are on a desktop you probably need to get a mic.
  • You will also be downloading Zoom and Jamulus.
The September 8 meetingĀ  is intended primarily to help everyone connect to Siskiyou Singers.Ā  We know that there will be many technical issues, but we will have people available to help. Try it!!
Everyone will receive an invitation at 6:30 PM on September 8 to our 7:00 PM Zoom meeting. Click on the link which will take you to the Zoom meeting. If you do not have Zoom you will have the opportunity to download it. Then choose to join the meeting. Use all the information provided in the email and you will be a part of our rehearsal.
You will be presented with a choice to “Join the Meeting with Computer Audio.” DO NOT CHOOSE THAT! Instead click out of the window and you will be taken to the meeting. For those with partial participation, you will be able to hear theĀ rehearsal, we just won’t be able to hear you.
See you September 8!