Rehearsal Schedule 4-30

Dear Singers
Concert weekend is coming! I know we will have a fabulous concert. We had some trainwrecks last Tuesday, but I can see that they will be easily fixed.
Tech-run Rehearsal on Tuesday
We will meet at SOU Music Recital Hall at 7 PM. Unfortunately we will have to wait until Saturday to be on our risers. As I have mentioned though, we will not need to practice on and off stage logistics because we will use the curtain. We will probably have time to do a little bit of rehearsing on difficult spots and still finish rehearsal at a reasonable hour.
We will begin the rehearsal with warmups and then sing the entire program in order with stops. Special soloists will perform as well. Their rehearsals will probably require sound checks and other considerations. The hall will be available for special soloists at 6:30 if you would like to get used to the hall.
Do not wear your concert dress. We will be “in costume” on Saturday. The rehearsal is a long one, so bring a snack!
But “Definition” Did Not Go Well On Tuesday!
I was upset at the time but upon reflection believe that those problems were mere hiccups (OK, maybe burps). I think things will be resolved next Tuesday because everyone will take one or two more looks before then. Luckily, if I’m wrong and there really is a problem, we have time to schedule an extra rehearsal to deal with it.
Program Order Change
I have been so proud of the beautifully intellectual ending of the “Definition of Beauty” concert. However, it is impossible to deny that “Gate Gate” would be a fabulous ending. Of course I can feel that in my gut. So I am going to follow my gut and the suggestion of a few people who have talked to me about it and change the order. Definition IV will follow “Boy…” and the reading. “Gate Gate” will be the finale. Please make this change in your folders/tablets.
Dates Next Term
Siskiyou Singers were given lemons for our traditional holiday concerts. The Rogue Valley Symphony will be presenting concerts in the Bowmer Theatre at OSF on the exact same days and times that our concerts were scheduled and will be featuring an internationally known choir. But…we have made lemonade! We will present our concerts January 18, 7:30 pm and January 19, 3:00 pm at SOU. We are thrilled to be performing the Chichester Psalms by Leonard Bernstein and Gloria by Antonio Vivaldi with full orchestra. These are great works and we are sure to enjoy them. We will also do a short, free Family Holiday Concert on December 14 at 3:00 pm. This concert is intended to be a fun, light concert that the entire family will enjoy.
Our rehearsals will begin on the traditional date–September 3, the day after Labor Day. Our rehearsals will continue until the December 14 concert after which we will take a break. We will resume rehearsals on January 7 and then rehearse on Jan 14 with orchestra and a do a dress/tech with orchestra on Jan. 17. The spring term will begin Feb. 4.
Facebook Link
Here is another opportunity to encourage people to attend. Click on the link below to see our ad on the Siskiyou Singers Facebook page. Then click on “Share” and “Share to Feed,” which puts it on your own home page where all your friends will see it, or share to one of the other options.
Star-spangled Banner at the Rogues Game!
We are excited to get to perform at the Rogues game on Wednesday, July 24. Please notice the date change! We then have free tickets for you and your guest to attend the game and root for our Rogues and enjoy each other’s company (and maybe a hot dog and some beer). The call time is 6 PM. Please let me know if you plan to attend. Don’t miss this–it’s really fun!
No Fragrances
Please do not wear any fragrances when on the stage. Many people have allergic reactions to various scents which, of course, makes it impossible for them to sing well. We want everyone in tip-top condition!
See you Tuesday!