Rehearsal Schedule 2-6

Dear Singers

I am looking forward to our third rehearsal. The music for this rehearsal is especially fun, but not easy, as you would suspect. We are doing very well!

Definition of Beauty I First on Tuesday

Definition of Beauty is first on the docket on Tuesday. The piece is written for SSAA, so males do not need to arrive until 7:40 PM. However, warmups will be at 7:00, so males may participate in warmups at 7 or be responsible for their own warmups.

We will start the rehearsal with the 8th note version of the piece. It is attached and there will be hard copies available. The purpose is to make the rhythm very clear at a slow tempo. Notice that each part has two lines. One line is written exclusively as 8th notes, eighth notes tied, eighth note rests, etc. The line beneath is the music as written in the regular published music. Please practice the piece with breath impulses on each eighth note, as in the example below.

“(rest)(rest)(rest)(rest) The-huh-huh-huh De-fi-ni-tion of Beau-hoo-hoo-hoo-ty-hee-hee-hee…”

Nootka Paddle Song Adjustment

Tenors, please plan to sing the melody part (bass) mm 13 – 20. I neglected to include this in Bandlab, but you can listen to the bass part. 🙂

Workshop Feb. 17

I always look forward to the workshop each term. It is not just a rehearsal, although we do get a chance to approach the music much more deeply. I love the opportunity to get to know everyone better, to have fun, to learn more about the background of the music, and to eat donuts (I do it twice per year). We will begin in the lobby of the sanctuary with a few minutes of socializing at 9 am and end at 3 pm. Although fruit and “goodies” will be provided at the beginning, please bring your own lunch. It will be a great day!

Emails Available on Website

I know this would never happen to you, but if “your friend” were to lose a Siskiyou Singers email, the emails are also available on the website,, in the members section, pwd: “silentnight” Or, what the heck, you might want to just read them there.🙂

See you Tuesday!


Rehearsal Schedule

Definition of Beauty I (SA, fT only) (focus on exercise sheet)
Nootka Paddle Song mm 13 – 22
maggie and milly and molly and may, mm 3 – 22
Gate Gate, mm 19 – 74


Ain’a That Good News, mm 1 – 32
Don’t Fence Me In, mm 3 – 25

Definition of Beauty I – Parker Exercise