Rehearsal Schedule 2-13

Dear Singers

I love it that we are working together so well in our quest to make beautiful music! It is a pleasure to me that there are so many friendly conversations going on before and after rehearsal time.

Workshop 2/17

Our workshop is shaping up to being a valuable time for all of us. We will begin with a social time at 9 followed by more get-to-know-you activities. We will delve into some ways to improve the voice and then launch into some great rehearsal time. Be sure to bring your own lunch. The workshop ends at 3.

Special Solos or Ensembles

Our program will feature a few individual solos or small ensembles. The theme of the concert is quite limited this time. I am hoping to find pieces from you that are All-North-American and also fall into one of the four thematic categories: Heaven, Nature, Spirit, Infinity. Realize though that the categories are not rigid. Check with me whether your favorite song might fall into the concept of the concert.

Auditions will be held March 26 and April 2 before rehearsal. When you are ready, let me know so we can plan an audition time.

See you Tuesday!


Rehearsal Schedule


The Cloths of Heaven, mm 4 – 35
Choose Something Like a Star, mm 28 – 44
David’s Lamentation
Nootka Paddle Song, mm 7 – 29


Of Crows and Clusters, mm 6 – 46
Bright Morning Stars, mm 51 – end
Sure On This Shining Night