Notes/Workshop Schedule

Dear Singers

Tuesday’s rehearsal was full of emotion. David’s Lamentation grabbed many of us “by the throat.” The death of their child is something no parent should have to endure. Sure on This Shining Night filled me with awe. This is part of why we do this, isn’t it?

Workshop Saturday, 9 – 3

I look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday. The schedule for the day is below. Don’t forget to bring water and a lunch for yourself. It is a long, but worthwhile day.

Some notes…


Cloths of Heaven

  • Think about all the elisions (connections from final to initial syllables) between words throughout the piece. Please mark them.
  • mm 9, 14, 23, 26, etc.: practice a clear “t”

Choose Something

  • “sight”, “right”, “cloud”, “night”, “light”, “proud”, “al-lowed”: the vowel is a deep “ah”
  • “burn”, “ta-ci-turn”: the vowel is the French schwa, “ø”

David’s Lamentation

  • The notes are really not that tough, but this is a hard piece. It must be intense throughout–a hard thing to do
  • “my son” at the end is voiced–not a whisper.

Nootka Paddle Song

  • The goal is to completely slop through this piece on Saturday.
  • Don’t worry about mm 42 – 52. We will work it out Saturday.

Of Crows and Clusters

  • We are working very hard to get all the notes, rhythms, and phrase endings in the right place. We must remember that this piece is supposed to be funny!

Workshop Schedule
Ice Breaker

Of Crows and Clusters
No Time



TB – The Pasture, Bright Morning Stars, mm 18 – 28
SA – Definition of Beauty I and II, Bright Morning Stars, mm 27 – 37

Bright Morning Stars


Nootka Paddle Song


Ain’a That Good News
Don’t Fence Me In

See you Saturday!