Notes – Rehearsal Schedule (4-16 and 4-23)

Dear Singers
I will combine Notes and Rehearsal Schedule this week. As you might imagine, the rehearsal this week will not be complicated. We will start with a few spots, sing the concert straight through, then do clean up. We are making beautiful music and will be ready for a wonderful concert. Invite your friends!
Event Schedule
April 30, 7 pm: Dress-Tech at SOU. Plan on a long night. Bring snacks. (maybe Sally will bring some cookies!)
May 4, 7:30 pm: Performance at SOU. Call time is 6:00 PM. Please be ready to go on stage. (you might need time to find your seat)
May 5, 3:00 pm: Performance at SOU. Call time is 2:00 PM
There are rooms on either side of the stage for you to park your things. They will be locked during the performance.
Another blog
Check out the blog on the website. I have done my best to do an attractive summary of the concert.
Rogues Baseball July 25!
We have had so much fun at the Medford Rogues game in the past! We will show up on July 25 at 6 PM, warm up, high-five the players, sing the Star-spangled Banner, and then enjoy a great baseball game. We might even enjoy a hot dog and a beer! Admission is free and so is the fun comradery. Let me know if you would like to participate. I will repeat this ad.
See you Tuesday
Definition of Beauty I
  • “Definition” should be pronounced “Def-ih-nih-tion”, not “Def-uh-nih-tion”
Definition of Beauty III
  • Altos, m 60: sing SHARP!🙂
    • Also at 66
  • Cresc. “af-FLIC-tion” (altos to “gay”)
  • Sop 1, m 78: Be ready for the cue to the new tempo
Definition of Beauty IV
  • Write in “t” on the downbeat of 95, “sd” on the downbeat of 96 and 100
  • Altos, 107: your eighth note at 107 is very short and light. Then you are in the fast tempo!
Definition of Beauty III
  • A little more cresc. on “wind”
  • Sop 1, m 44. Count this. You are on your own for the cutoff–I have too much else to do.🙂
  • Altos, m 7: pp! you are an echo
  • m 9: I will take time on the difficult note.
  • Sop 1, m 46 – 52: You are absolutely the key to this section. If you miss it we ALL miss it! PLEASE PRACTICE!
  • 53 – end: The canoers are going off into the distance. Portray this.
Gate Gate
  • Sops, mm 91 – 106: Please look at this. All the other notes are in place on this piece. (no guilt–wait–guilt!!) We will practice this before we run everything.
  • m 122: Only one clap.
  • “long” is short (I like saying that), however, it is not accented. It is very light.
  • B1 and B2, m 33: The cresc. continues through the measure to the next downbeat.
Don’t Fence Me In
  • SA, mm 27 – 34: This should all be f. This counteracts the closed “ooh” sound.
  • m 69: This is a sung C.
  • To review: close to “nnnn” at mm 9, 26, 42, 44, 64, 66
  • Don’t miss the rhythms at 36, 38, 40 and 58, 60, 62
At the River
  • Do not forget dotted eighth-sixteenth rhythm. It is crucial.
  • STB, mm 23 – 26: The bells cannot overshadow the altos. Mark it mp.
  • SA: m 14 is only 2/4, so you come in quickly at 15
  • Review entrance at 68 (finding the darn E)
  • Concentrate on communicating words on this piece, not singing loudly.
  • mm 70 – 72: Make a very “buzzy” face and move around like a bee (no wings, though)
  • mm 26, 43 – 45, 57 pp!
  • Remember, m 88 is only a half note.
Cloths of Heaven
  • ST, mm 66 – 68: Ellie (the voice expert) and I discussed this. Here’s what we came up with:
    • pickup: sing “tres”
    • m 67: sing “off”
    • m 68: sing “ee” with a very relaxed (floppy) tongue
    • The audience has heard the words “tread softly” enough that it will sound correct to them (I think)
No Time
  • S2, mm 47 – 49: work on this. “Jour” at 47 is a C, “Jour” at 49 is an E.
Rehearsal Schedule
Some cleanup
Run the entire program (except special soloists)
Clean up any problem spots
(We will work out a break in there somewhere)