Notes/Rehearsal Schedule (3/19 and 3/26)

Dear Singers

We did some very hard work on Bright Morning Stars last Tuesday. I had a few people come up to me at the end of rehearsal and express that they had not been taking that piece seriously enough. Despite seeming straightforward, there are some tricky things. But…it is well worth it! In fact, our entire program is going to be wonderful. It has beautiful music and is thought provoking.

This is a combo email message this time. Marilyn and I will be going down to the Bay Area tomorrow to visit our dear daughter, Lupine.

“I Love Loud Mistakes!”

I am aware that no one wants to be the one messing things up. However, if you are too careful all we have is a dull, unenergetic performance. That’s why I love loud mistakes. Those kinds of mistakes come from wonderful effort. Also, if you make a mistake loudly, it can be fixed. If you hold back we will never know…

A Story by Laura Barlow

Early one morning, maggie and milly and molly and may were discussing the definition of beauty by the pasture gate when their brother, David, began moaning about the damage done by the birds down at the river. David’s lamentation struck a chord with the Nootka paddlers who had been navigating the river by the bright morning stars. “At no time,” the paddlers said, “should the crows and clusters have been allowed to peck the cloths of heaven that we laid out to dry on the dock.” “However,” they continued, “we will be able to repair the damage. Sure! We will choose something like a star on this shining night to embroider on the gold and silver cloths. Ain’a that good news?”

maggie and milly and molly and may closed the gate behind them, inadvertently locking David in the pasture. “Wait! Don’t fence me in!” cried the boy, who picked up his feet to fly up the path towards home. Why did he go home? Bee-cause!Nic


Definition of Beauty II

  • Here are some dynamics to add to your score
  • Decresc. to p on the word “ceases”
  • mf on “chases not”, cresc. to f on “and it abides”
  • cresc. on the word “wind” (dim. as written afterward)
  • Review cutoffs

maggie and milly

  • Be sure to think about the experiences of each of the protagonists and express it in your singing
  • maggie feels the sweetness of the singing shell
  • milly is friendly with the star but is also in awe of the languid fingers
  • molly is very frightened by the monster-crab
  • may is philosophical about seeing all of the world in the smooth round stone

Bright Morning Stars

  • Nice solo, Scott
  • TB take another look at mm 19 – 27
  • “Where are our” = “Where R hour”
  • S1, mm 61 – 66 – work on this section paying special attention to rhythms
  • mm 73 – 78 need to be softer
  • Don’t forget the breath after “soul” in m 82

David’s Lamentation

  • Please count carefully mm 41 – 47. Know for sure when your part enters with “O Absalom”.


  • AB, m 21: check your rhythms
  • m32, close to “n”
  • Please cross out m 97. Realize that this is the measure of the “flowy cutoff.” You should not be singing at all when Mikiko plays the low G.

Rehearsal Schedule


Ain’a That Good News
Of Crows and Clusters
Nootka Paddle Song
Sure On This Shining Night
Gate Gate


SA – Definition of Beauty IV / TB Break
TB – Bright Morning Stars / SA Break

Bright Morning Stars
No Time
The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet To Fly