Notes 4-9

Dear Singers

Excellent rehearsal. We are coming down to the wire, but leading the pack (did I push the metaphor too far?)

Some notes…


Definition I

  • S1 and 2, mm 9 and 10: make sure that the quarter rest is short.
  • m 17 make sure the eighth rest before the pickup is short.

Definition II

  • Starting at m 29 make sure the “overtake the creases” section is VERY legato
  • Cresc. on “wind”, dim. afterward
  • m 42: fun!

Definition IV

  • This piece is a very long < > in stages. Cresc. to mp m. 85, Cresc. to mp m. 89 (but it will sound louder), cresc. to f m. 99.
  • Altos, continue to anticipate the change of tempo at 105

Choose Something

  • Sing the opening section and the similar one later as a boy soprano. Check out this video:
  • BTW, we will be doing this piece for the fall term.

maggie and milly

  • Practice on your own at a slow pace until you are sick of doing that then try it fast. Set your metronome to 112
  • Don’t forget to be an actor


  • Our biggest concern on this piece is the last section. We need to work out the ensemble. Be sure that you are very clear about counting it.


  • Thanks to Robert for pinpointing the issue with the ending section. Yes, I will give an extra downbeat to get us started at 41


  • m 75 and following: stagger your breathing so that you do not run out of breath until after the two measures of singing


  • We will slow a bit in order to really enjoy the w’s in “weep for wonder”. This is the focal point of the entire piece.


  • I have one thing to say: “consonants!” But I’ll say it three times “Consonants, consonants, consonants!”

Gate Gate

Kudos to those who are singing this completely by memory. If you were one of the few who was still holding music, please take a chance. You need to stumble before you can walk. And we want “everybody walking”