Notes 4-30

Dear Singers
We will have great concerts! The music is beautiful and so is our sound. You are really being unkind not to invite people you know to our concert. Music raises spirits–we certainly need that now!
Of course, it will not be perfect, but we can continue to try to make it so.
Call Saturday is 6 pm
It is so important that everyone is in place on the risers at 6. Because we were not able to do our tech run on the risers, we don’t really know what the balance will be like. We will need to spend time working that out. It is also good for you to get used to the new situation.
Lynn Sjolund
Lynn passed away Monday night at age 95. Lynn was not just a generous, kind soul, he was the dean of music in Southern Oregon. Many of us know him as the director of the RV Chorale for four decades until 2013. He gave so many people a chance to sing wonderful music with that choir. He was also beloved by his audiences for his relaxed manor.
However, I think his greatest contribution to music was during his career as a teacher at Medford Senior High School (which became North Medford High School). Lynn and his wife Doris worked diligently to establish an outstanding music program in the Medford School District which continues to be strong to this day. His students loved him and worked very hard for him. BTW, he was the predecessor of my predecessor (Sean Warren) at NMHS. I was lucky enough to step into a very established program as the director there. The moment I arrived I realized that his presence was monumental. The auditorium is named “Lynn Sjolund Auditorium.”
We will truly miss him. I would love to attend a memorial service as I know many others would as well. I will keep you informed.
I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. As I mentioned, the concert will not be perfect, but we can do our best, so…
Some notes
Def. I
  • Sopranos, m 7: Do not be late! Anticipate this entrance.
At the River
  • mm 23 – 26: The melody is in the altos. The bells need to be bell-like, but not too loud.
Bright Morning Stars
  • The TB entrance at 18 needs to be stronger. Please sing mf
  • Enjoy the solos throughout the piece. Scott’s is beautiful at the beginning and end and Mikiko’s solo starting at 39 is devastatingly beautiful. Also sing softly enough that you can enjoy Marilyn’s and John’s as well. Focus on your enjoyment, not your next entrance. This signals the audience. BTW, the look on your face does the trick–you don’t have to do anything forced.
  • Sops, m 60: Sing this with passion!
  • We will check the balance on this. You might need to be louder.
Cloths of Heaven
  • Please watch throughout. This piece needs subtle tempo changes!
  • NIce solo, Howie!
  • Careful not to rush at m 53
  • The birds had wonderful fun this last time starting at 42. Now we have to keep the birds under control. The melody at 46 is in the TB.
Gate Gate
  • There is confusion over memorization and clapping. The rule is that you should clap IF you do not have music in your hands. Of course, we will all clap after 132.
  • Also notice there is only one clap at 122. (a dirty trick by Brian Tate)
  • Thank you for all your work memorizing!