Notes 4-2

Dear Singers

What a wonderful rehearsal. We sound great! Of course, there are always ways to improve.🙂

Special Solos

When selecting among the various auditioners, I was in the enviable position of knowing that all of the singers who auditioned would represent Siskiyou Singers proudly on stage. Every audition was wonderful. So, as I said before, I chose those acts that fit best into the program. If you were not selected this time PLEASE try again. There will come a time…

Program Order

The program is listed below the Notes. Please find a black folder or folders (some people like to place their music in 1st Half and a 2nd Half folders) and place you music in them in the program order. We will begin running sections of the program. BTW, a 3 ring binder is perfectly acceptable. You may use a 3 -hole punch on the music.

Some notes…


Don’t Fence Me In

  • Every time you sing “Don’t fence me in” ending on a longer note, close to the “n”
  • SA at mm 27 – 28 and 31 – 32 sing the “ooh” forte!
  • Please notice the rhythmic differences between mm 36, 38, and 40 and 58, 60, 62
  • We will sing a C at m 69.

Bright Morning Stars

  • pppp at 73
  • Big “yawny” sound throughout this piece


  • SAT at m 9: DRILL!
  • Be aware of where the melody is throughout and act accordingly
    • TB at 13
    • S at 23
    • T at 31
    • B at 53
  • There are many “echoing” moments in this piece. For example, mm 18, 19, 20. This is, of course, on purpose. Make sure the meaning gets across to the audience (by understanding it yourself)

Choose Something

  • This is a hard piece, vocally! It is so hard not to go flat because of the tessitura (look it up) of the various parts. It requires great mental diligence to keep it on pitch. Don’t get lazy!

Gate Gate

  • If you missed this rehearsal, you need to know that two bars have been added at 132. During this time you elegantly place your music behind you and sing the last section memorized.


  • Ending consonants and meaningful singing is more important than volume (although volume is more fun!)
  • Remember that ALL dynamics are reduced by one notch. This includes sections labeled p.

Cloths of Heaven

  • The initial 3 eighth note pickups continue to be a problem rhythmically. The choir is almost always behind. Please try to anticipate those three notes. (for example, m 4)
  • Watch out for “er” sounds. Make them the French “uh”




The Definition of Beauty I Emily Dickinson, Alice Parker

“The Definition of Beauty is
That Definition is none–
Of Heaven, easing Analysis,
Since Heaven and He are one–”

At the River Hymn Tune, arr. Aaron Copland

“Shall we gather by the river, where bright angels’ feet have trod…?”

No Time Camp Meeting Song, arr. Susan Brumfield

“Rise, oh fathers, rise; let’s go meet ‘em in the skies…”

Tears in Heaven Will Jennings and Eric Clapton
(Soloist: Derek Rosenlund, Guitar: Michael Zuzel)

“Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven?”

Bright Morning Stars Appalachian Song, arr. Shawn Kirchner
(Soloists: Scott Nelson, John Lambie, Marilyn Reppert)

“Bright morning stars are rising—Day is a-breakin’ in my soul!”

Ain’a That Good News Spiritual, arr. William Dawson

“I got a crown up in-a that kingdom, ain’a that good news!”


The Definition of Beauty II Emily Dickinson, Alice Parker

“Beauty — be not caused — It Is
Chase it, and it ceases —
Chase it not, and it abides —
Overtake the Creases
In the Meadow — when the Wind
Runs his fingers through it —
Deity will see to it
That You never do it —“

The Pasture Robert Frost, Randall Thompson

“I’m going out to clean the pasture spring…I shan’t be gone long. You come too.”

The Daisies James Stephens, Samuel Barber
(Soloist: Andrew Klein)

“…I saw my dear one walking slow in the field where the daisies are.”

Choose Something Like a Star Robert Frost, Randall Thompson

“…So when the mob is swayed…choose something like a star to stay our minds on…”

maggie and milly and molly and may e. e. cummings, Vincent Persichetti

“maggie and milly and molly and may went down to the beach to play…”

Don’t Fence Me In Cole Porter, arr. Norman Leyden

“Oh give me land, lots of land under starry skies above…”



The Definition of Beauty III Emily Dickinson, Alice Parker

“So gay a Flower
Bereaves the Mind
As if it were a Woe—
Is Beauty an Affliction—then?
Tradition ought to know—“

The Cloths of Heaven W. B. Yeats, Z. Randall Stroope

“Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths, enwrought with gold and silver light…”

David’s Lamentation II Samuel, Joshua Shank

“When David heard that Absalom was slain he went to his chamber and wept…”

Nootka Paddle Song Nootka Tribe, Victoria Island, Imant Raminsh
(Soloist: Howie Seay)

“O say! I hear drums! Echoing so far away…”

I Love a Piano Irving Berlin
(Soloist: Ellen Holt-Murray)

“I love a piano! I love a piano! I love to hear somebody play!”

The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet To Fly Mark Robinson, Joshua Shank

“Soaring and spinning and touching the sky!”


“Estrang’d from Beauty — none can be —
For Beauty is Infinity —
And power to be finite ceased
Before Identity was leased.”

Sure On This Shining Night James Agee, Samuel Barber

“…Sure on this shining night I weep for wonder!”

Road To Freedom (as performed by the Kingston Trio) John Stewart
(Soloists: John Lambie, Cynthia Tank, Michael Zuzel)

“…The road to freedom is a long, long way to go…”

Of Crows and Clusters Vachel Lindsay, Norman Dello Joio

“…Why does a bee have a sword to his fiddle?”

Gate Gate Heart Sutra, Brian Tate

“…Gone now…crossing the river. Hallelujah!”

The Definition of Beauty IV Emily Dickinson, Alice Parker