Notes 3-5

Dear Singers

We did some very productive work last night. We are grinding toward our goal.

Some notes…


Definition of Beauty IV

  • Obviously, take another look at these notes. It was shaky, but good last night
  • Cresc. mm 96 – 98

Choose Something Like a Star

  • mm 72 – 80 is one looooong cresc.
  • Plan a way to avoid taking a breath in the obvious places throughout this section
  • Make the “a” of “and” a little taller. Not “a” is in “blatty”

Crows and Clusters

  • I know what it says, but please open your mouth a bit on the bzz’es mm 70 – 72
  • SA can get their pitch at 73 from the piano part. She plays the A over and over again. Basses can get it from the piano in the measure before–her notes ascend to yours. Tenors (heh, heh) practice!
  • We will drill the pitches for the chord at 90. You should too. Luckily we have sectionals coming up. I’m marking that spot right now.


  • We will run this many times. We need to get used to all the transitions and the flow of the piece.
  • Take an extra look at mm 31 – 42


  • We have gotten over the hard parts of this song. We will easily finish it next time.