Notes 3-12

Dear Singers

Thank you for the effort you make throughout the rehearsal. I recognize that “Something Like a Star” was not an easy piece to sing at 9:15 PM, but everyone did very well on it anyway! They may say “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”, however spirit can take us a very long way and did last night!

Some notes


At the River

  • We need to stay diligent about the Dotted eighth-sixteenth rhythm
  • But, Sops and Bass, m 33 is two eighths


  • mm 7-12: Be very aware of the dynamics. This is about portraying echoes
  • Drill the transition: mm 22-23
  • Also be careful not to make the eighth rest too long
  • Drill mm 29-31 as well
  • Continue to be careful about breaths. It is complicated, but important.
  • Sops mm 65-66, follow carefully


  • This sounded so good yesterday!
  • m 7, loud “t” on beat 4
  • Please take every single dynamic down one notch (i.e. f = mf) This also includes p = pp. The one exception is m 92. Blast that out!
  • Check notes in m 64

Definition of Beauty I

Choose Something

  • Make sure to sing this molto legato!
  • It would be a good idea to connect all the elisions–the ending consonants to the initial consonants of the next syllable.

Don’t Fence Me In

  • Be sure to look at the rhythms throughout. Most of the choir is singing two quarters instead of dotted quarter-eighth in many places: mm 36, 38, 58, 60.