Notes 2-6

Dear Singers

Another excellent rehearsal! We made great progress throughout the night. Definition of Beauty was a worry for me, but we are going to be wonderful. I so appreciate the work that people do in preparation for rehearsals. It makes all the difference!

A few notes…


Definition of Beauty I

  • Sop 1 m 17. It will be easier to find the E if you realize that it is a harmony part to the Soprano 2 melody. It is a 3rd above.
  • Now it is time to look at dynamics, etc.

Nootka Paddle Song

  • Please review breaths throughout the section.

maggie and milly…

  • “leggiero” means “lightly.” I also take it as dance-like. Start working toward this idea.
  • Also, think about the feeling of each part of the poem. This will help us to sing it expressively.

Gate Gate

  • “Ga-teh”

Ain’a That Good News

  • Circle all the z sounds and make sure you know where they should go rhythmically
  • Tenors m 17 and following: make sure you are singing the correct rhythm