Notes 2-27

Dear Singers

We are putting in a lot of hard work at rehearsals. I really appreciate your determination. I would like to thank Mikiko and the female tenors for doing without a break. It made a difference for us all.

Some notes…


Gate Gate

  • Be sure to follow the dynamics at the beginning of the piece (mf then p)
  • Molto legato at m 91
  • Also notice dynamic changes throughout the piece
Choose Something
  • mm 41 – 44 Be sure to energize notes for full value and cutoff on time!
  • mm 47 – 60 Ending consonants need to be clear and on the tied eighth note (except m 53-54)
  • Be sure to connect syllables in a good legato throughout this piece
Cloths of Heaven
  • Tenors take another look at mm 27 – 34
  • Basses, mm 27 – 34: Please plan your breaths so that you have energy through the long notes of the phrases
Definition of Beauty III
  • What can I say except “review!”
  • Oh, I thought of one thing: S1, please don’t be surprised at 78
  • Also, I like the division of the sopranos better after the change. I might, actually ask some altos to move to the S2 part. We are a bit “bottom heavy” at this point.
  • Baritones: once you got started you did very well. Make sure you know the starting notes of each phrase in comparison to the other parts.
  • mm 16 and 17 and similar motives: think HEAVY light on “gone long.”
Ain’a That Good News
  • Adjust your thinking to the correct (faster) tempo. Try setting your metronome to 104 and practice that way. We will actually be at about 98.