Concert Dress Requirements

Concert dress standards are not negotiable. We must look professional and consistent to the audience. It is very important that no one person stand out.


  • Plain white dress shirt
  • Black bow tie
  • Black dress trousers
  • Black jacket
  • Black socks
  • Plain black shoes

Tuxedoes are fine if black. No colored cummerbunds, vests, or ruffled shirts.


  • Long-sleeved black dress to instep or black skirt to instep with long-sleeved black blouse
  • Black opaque hose
  • Solid black closed-toe shoes

Skirt length and sleeve length are extremely important to our overall appearance. (No pants please.) Plain fabrics without particular shine or glitter are best to achieve the best effect. An appropriate concert outfit will be available to order on-line.

Earrings are okay if they are small and simple. Posts or studs must be smaller than 1/2” in diameter. Drop earrings must be shorter than 1” in total length. No necklaces or bracelets, please.

If you have any questions or concerns about your concert dress, please speak with your section leader at least three weeks prior to the concert. We will assist you in any way possible. Anyone arriving on concert night in nonconforming attire may be asked to stand in a position where this will not be noticeable or possibly may be asked not to sing for that particular performance.

Variations in dress may be made for specific concerts. Choir members will be informed in ample time.