How to Install the Software

JAMULUS: Jamulus is the audio software that makes it possible to rehearse in real time. The reason it is effective is that the latency is much less with Jamulus.

Navigate to the Sourceforge Website. Go ahead and hit the DOWNLOAD button. Because your operating
system is so paranoid (maybe with good reason) and this is open source software
you will need to reassure the operating system that it is OK. ("Do you really want to do this?" - YES).
Don't worry, this is good stuff.

Click the pop-up button that says "Jamulus.exe" to start the automatic installer: When it finishes installing, open it up!

Set up:

In the menu at the top of the page click View and choose Settings OR click the Settings button on the left hand side.
A window opens revealing connection settings. Default settings
should work for the time being. Check whether the ASIO button at the bottom
is active or grayed-out, meaning you can't click it. If it is grayed-out
you will need to download an ASIO driver. Close that window.
Click View and choose My Profile
Fill in the info. The voice parts are at the bottom of the Instrument list. Do not puzzle over your
Skill Level. We are all Intermediate here! Close that window.
Click View and choose Connection
This will open a window which will (eventually) be populated with
public servers. Ignore
those (unless you are interested), and enter the number for the Siskiyou Singers
Private Server: See if an audio level indicator pops up for you.
If nothing happens, here are some things you can try.
If you still can't get it to work you know who to call (either me or Ghostbusters).