How To Install Hardware

CABLE: The ethernet cable is not expensive and is available from Amazon or
Best Buy (ironic name, but convenient). One end connects to your computer and
the other to the wifi hub. On many hubs there are multiple cable
connections. Any one works. You cannot plug it in wrong! But...many newer
laptop computers do not have a network cable connector. You will need to get a
special adapter which makes it possible to connect into your USB port.

HEADPHONES: It is necessary to have some kind of headphones.
Without headphones you will cause feedback and echoes for yourself and for others.
Over the ear headphones are great, but earbuds work well too. If you have the problem
that you cannot hear through your headphones when you connect to Jamulus, try this.

MICROPHONE: On a laptop the microphone is built in, although you can choose to add your own microphone. On a desktop you will probably need to get a microphone. There are many types, often dictated by their connectors.