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Soprano Rehearsal Recordings

Download/Listening Instructions

The links below may behave differently depending on your browser and whether you are using a desktop computer, phone, or tablet.

In general, clicking on a link using most devices will open the file within the browser, allowing you to stream the song directly from the website. If you are using a desktop computer, you can choose to download the song with a right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac), then listen using an audio application such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Confused? Email and he’ll help you out.

Song Files

Go Where I Send Thee All Parts

Go Where I Send Thee No Soprano

Go Where I Send Thee RR Soprano

Good King Kong RR Soprano Hanerot Halalu All Parts

Hanerot Halalu RR Soprano

O Magnum Mysterium – Victoria RR Soprano

Silent night – Rutter All Parts

Silent night – Rutter No Soprano

Silent night – Rutter RR Soprano

Ubi Caritas – Durufle All Parts

Ubi Caritas – Durufle RR No Soprano

Ubi Caritas – Durufle RR Soprano

We Wish RR Soprano